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*Virtual / In-person


Who is it for
My 1-on-1 sailing coaching is designed for all levels. It is highly individualized based on your needs. Equipment can be provided. I have coached ages 7-78+ years old. I am based out of Alameda, but can come to you for 1-on-1, clinics or regatta coaching. I also provide virtual coaching by analyzing your video of you sailing. 

What you get
Accountability and encouragement. Leveling up your skills and techniques. Video assessments to take home.

Get started
$350-450/3-4hr session (one sailor)*
*RIB, charter, gas, travel and housing are not included.

Virtual coaching:
$100/month (3 video assessments)
$200/month (unlimited video assess.)
link to GoPro mount


Designed for people who are looking to

gain skills and knowledge of the boat and sea. I have been coaching over a decade. Boats include: ILCA, C420, Opti, M15.

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