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My Story

At the age ripe age of 16, my fitness and spiritual journey began. Throughout high school and college I continued to learn more about my body and others as well. I studied sports nutrition in college, joined a religious social group and volunteered. It was a great journey, hoping to exit out with clarity and purpose.

Concluding college I began a new stage of my life. I moved back to Los Angelas to try to be in an environment that would allow me to continue my fitness journey in order to one day share this knowledge. Training on my own was much more difficult than being on a sports team. Joining a CrossFit gym, and regularly sailing and biking was great supplement. It was fun for some time, but my jobs made it difficult to sustain this lifestyle. There was not enough energy or time to commit to my wellness. I moved up to the San Francisco Bay area to choose how I wanted to live my life by using my skills as a health coach and get a fresh start.

The subsequent chapter of my life represents a tangible expression of my decision to authentically embody my true self. Embarking on the journey through school and my time in Los Angelas was fueled by the aspiration to eventually educate and empower individuals, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to initiate their personal quests for health and happiness. This transformative process began with my own commitment.

Over the span of more than six years, I dedicated myself wholeheartedly to the pursuit of well-being and contentment. Embracing a harmonious blend of daily rituals, alongside an openness to novel ideas and approaches, I have curated a lifestyle that not only enriches my own existence but also allows me to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of others. The practice of maintaining humility while forging my own path has paved the way for substantial personal growth, providing guidance from unexpected sources I never anticipated.

The core of my existence revolves around embodying the principles I strive to impart to others. Leading by example has been my chosen approach, the most authentic and effective way for me to disseminate my message. Life afforded me the chance to share both the highs and lows of my journey, emphasizing that embracing failure is as crucial as celebrating success in the pursuit of guiding people toward healthier and happier lives. Upholding these values and baring my own vulnerabilities is my strategy to establish a profound connection with a broader audience.

My spiritual odyssey persists, now enriched by the privilege of sharing it with an incredible community. Discovering one's true passion is evident when it enables the daily expression of one's essence. Sharing, leading, maintaining discipline, embracing vulnerability, and persevering—these form the guiding principles propelling my career and propelling me to excellence in my athletic endeavors. Coaching and competing in fitness align with my belief that true fulfillment arises from leading by example and maintaining discipline. Writing about my athletic experiences is my way of giving back and sharing, an act that, in turn, allows me to receive from the world. Confronting my vulnerabilities openly in the public eye is the catalyst for my resilience and personal growth.

This is more than a mere account of training and nutrition; this is a chronicle of my life. Sometimes it may seem repetitive, occasionally extreme, but always approached with an open heart and a receptive perspective to fully embrace each day and moment. If my emotions, daily rituals, experiences, or thoughts resonate with just one person, I am living my dream.

It takes a community to build a boat





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