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Join athletes from around the world for MindBodyBoat's workout programming that adapts and challenges you week to week. MBB does the thinking for you, but you take action. Become quick, mobile and strong with my programming at home or the gym or even outside! Click below for your free two-week trial of the Instinct program and community. 



Hi I'm Julian Soto, the founder of MindBodyBoat. I created MBB to help others achieve their fitness goals. 



A total training subscription for better mobility, powerful muscles and endurance for any occasion. 


Sample MBB programs with no commitment – try a focused 8 week program for mobility, endurance, or foundations. In addition, there is a good mix of quick and modular workouts to add to your fitness routine.


Eliminate the uncertainty surrounding your training and dietary choices tailored to your individual goals and requirements. Achieve your objectives more efficiently with a committed coach who creates personalized training and nutrition plans based on your specific needs.



Do you like to learn more about the body? 


I am dedicated to providing you with resources to enhance your movement, accelerate goal achievement, and foster a love for your training. Explore the MindBodyBoat learning area for instructional movement videos, lifestyle insights, training and nutrition resources.


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